WEAVE provides ‘research with a purpose’ – not just seeing what others have written but harvesting ideas to support transformative decision making and action. Helping you sharpen the research focus and purpose is often the first step. From there, we access global intelligence and provide the findings in ways that work for you and your audiences.

Recent research clients include Auckland Council, Gisborne District Council, Foundation North, the Centre for Social Impact, government Ministries and community organisations including Te Waipuna Puawai, Toi Ora Live Arts Trust, Circability Trust and Rise UP Trust.


Evaluation is tricky and murky territory for many organisations and WEAVE provides evaluation that supports insight, improvement, positive change and greater impact. We will work with you to identify your evaluation needs and how to get them met within your budget. We also support self-assessment and provide mentoring and capacity building around evaluation, see Building capacity.

Rachael co-wrote the Community Research What Works website with Manu Caddie.

See a 25 minute webinar by Rachael Trotman and Kate McKegg for community groups on ‘How to Amaze Your Funders with Watertight Evidence’.

See a 15 minute presentation by Rachael at the 2015 NGO Health and Disability Network Forum called ‘Making Friends with Evidence and Evaluation’, or view the slides.

See here for a presentation to the 2016 Age Concern Conference on how to tell a powerful performance story.

Become part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s evaluation community at ANZEA.


WEAVE provides facilitation services from small group meetings to larger events. The facilitation style is tailored to need and WEAVE specialises in bringing forth the wisdom in the room to achieve the stated purpose.


Groups and organisations are dynamic and refreshing strategic direction from time to time is important. WEAVE can support you to identify the needs of those you serve, along with your strengths, ideal strategic direction and best contribution.

Building capacity

WEAVE specialises in supporting community groups and people across sectors to build their skills in research and evaluation. We demystify research and evaluation concepts and processes and make them work for you. WEAVE can build your capacity to:

  • Understand and communicate the impact and value of your work
  • Be a learning organisation focused on getting better and doing better things
  • Tell a credible performance story
  • Find out what you need to know
  • Base your service and activities on the realities and needs of the people you serve.


WEAVE can help with your large and small writing needs. Whether it is turning a set of notes or ideas into a compelling story, sharing inspiring case studies or stories, or writing academic papers and non-academic reports, we can help.