Communities shaping their places

Community place-making refers to communities engaging in shaping the look, function and feel of the places in which they live. It covers a wide range of activities that improve the look and feel of places and build a sense of community, local pride, identity and connection.

Communities Shaping Their Places is a good practice resource to support community led place-making. Developed originally for Auckland Council’s Local Boards in 2015, this guide is useful for all those interested in supporting communities to shape the places in which they live. It contains ways to understand place-making, good practice ideas and links to useful resources. It contains many images and examples of community place-making in Auckland. The document design is by Curative.

This guide contains questions designed to reveal strengths and opportunities for place-making in an area. Starting where you are is the first step, by looking at the most and least loved places in an area and what makes them loved and unloved.

Ideas are provided to engage communities creatively around place-making, undertake joint community planning and build community capacity to shape and improve their streets and neighbourhoods. Often small things can make a huge difference.

Links to local and overseas case studies of community place-making include Splash Adelaide, New Zealand examples via Catalyse and the Pomegranate Center in the United States. The visionary ideas of Hundertwasser are also scattered throughout the report.